Learn & train

"When you pay for a lesson or training, you are not paying for an hour of my time. You are buying the thousands of hours of sweat, struggles, success and tears. You are buying injuries, mistakes, and revelations. You are buying nights laying awake thinking about a horse or student I need to help more. You are buying hours of attending vet exams, doctoring injuries, giving medications, watching herd interaction, checking on the horse that has been laying down too long, and looking over your horse as if it were my own. You are paying for my further education, because I still take lessons as frequently as possible. You never stop learning and I always want to be of more support to my students and horses. You are paying for my care, concern, over dinner conversation, and you inevitably become a central part of my life. 

You can't put a price on education, or personal development, or the bliss of finally being "with" a horse. Thank you for sharing with me, teaching me, and letting me teach you, while I put food on my table, maintaning a truck and trailer to take your ponies places, and healthy lesson horses with the most fulfilling job ever!"

- Andrea Osmond


We offer full-time and part-time training options to best suit your horse's workload needs.  We work with horses new to the sport, have a few holes in their foundation, or a seasoned pro. Our training programs are custom to each horse and rider to achieve their goals. 
Platinum Spur - Five Days a Week                  $720
Gold Spur - Four Days a Week                         $560 
Silver Spur - Three Days a Week                     $420
Bronze Spur - Two Days a Week                    $280
Lessons only included in Platinum Spur package

We provide a private one on one riding lesson experience, with a high tech bluetooth communication system for easy hearing. We will start with developing a long term lesson plan by establishing the rider's goals. 
Private Horse 
$55 hour / 4 lessons $185
We have several lesson horses who all have amazing personalities and are wonderful teachers. Lessons are available for riders ages 10+ and any level ((200# weight limit))
School Horse 
Currently not accepting new students for the school horse program
$65 hour / 4 lessons $225
New Mexico ranch trips
Trips to the Starrynight Ranch are being planned for May (dates TBD) and September (dates TBD) 2020. There is a possibility of a kid's spring break trip in March 2020 as well (minimum must be met). 
All inclusive 5 day trip to a boutique ranch located 2 hours north of Albuquerque, 2 hours northwest of Santa Fe nestled against the Carson National Forest. The travel time is about seven and half hours from Denver, which makes this trip seven days. 
Ranch is kept private or semi private to our group with a max capacity of 8 guests. The theme is eat, sleep and ride... which is really all you do when you come to the cozy ranch to relax. Horses are available to rent and are not your typical dude horses, these horses are luxury and well trained in different disciplines. There are large safe shed rows for personal horses brought to the ranch and easy parking for any size rig.   
This is an all inclusive ranch. So, food, beverages, alcohol, general snacks are always available in the main part of the house. The sleeping accommodations are 2 to 3 to a room or 2 in the cabin with communal bathrooms. The beds are made with plenty of warm blankets and plush pillows and towels in the bathroom... this is not a camping experience. 
A general idea of the itinerary: Eat a lot, ride a few hours a day, relax, hot springs (1.5 hours away) and winery. 
Horse Rental Ranch Stay: $1225 
Bring Your Own Horse Ranch Stay: $1175 
Horse Sales

Purchasing a horse can be stressful and overwhelming. We offer help in locating, viewing, vet checking and negotiations of the sale process. 

Horse priced under $5k - $500 minimum commission

Horse priced over $5K - 10% commission

All travel expenses paid by buyer

Selling a horse can be frustrating and time consuming. When putting your horse on the market we will create a sale video, advertise, showings to potential buyers, attend appointments, and negotiations. 


Horse priced under $5k - $500 minimum commission 

Horses priced over $5k - 10% commission 

$250 Production on Sale Video

$250 commission on a referral "please spread the word." 

Sale Video Examples: 

Horse leases

We occasionally have opportunities to lease horses in our program. We offer two leasing options a half lease and a third lease. Riding lessons with Osmond Equestrian are required. 

Half Lease is 3 days a week. This is a 2 hour set time frame and one hour a week will be a riding lesson. The price includes the horse, tack, maintenance and farrier.


$420 / month 


Third Lease is 2 days a week. This is a 2 hour set time frame and one hour a week will be a riding lessons. The price includes the horse, tack, maintenance and farrier. 


$225 / month


Lesson are additional to the cost of the lease. 

$55 hour / $185 4 lessons 

We can assist in getting your horse to TMR or to a vet appointment. 
Hook-up fee per horse $30 
Mileage $1.00
Osmond Equestrian outings will be billed event by event.